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    1. Bilingual·Foreign Business|亞行批準一項重要貸款

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      ABB sets discussion on the future of technology in motion at WEF


      ADB Approves Key Loan Under Yangtze River Economic Belt Framework


      SUEZ NWS?Signs the Qinzhou Hazardous Waste Energy Recovery Contract


      ?Allianz Partners?with?Alpha?to Acquire Business Park Property in Shanghai



      ABB sets discussion on the future of technology in motion at WEF


      ABB ?presents an innovative collaborative display of industrial robots called MANUS at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin.

      MANUS由被稱為“機器人密語者”的Madeline Gannon打造。Madeline Gannon是人與機器人通信研究領域的領軍人物,她所設計的MANUS旨在打破人們對人與機器人關系的傳統觀念。

      MANUS was created by ‘the Robot Whisperer’ Madeline Gannon, a leading researcher on human/robot communications. It is designed to challenge traditional views about the relationship of people and robots.

      現場展示的十臺互聯的ABB IRB 1200工業機器人既能整體運動,也能獨立運動,與參觀者交流互動。

      The display’s ten interconnected ABB IRB 1200 industrial robots are able to move in unison as a group or independently as they attentively interact with individual visitors.


      The robots’ human-like sense of awareness?comes from a series of sensors that track movements with great precision in the three-dimensional space.


      “The successful integration of automation technology into our society – both today and tomorrow - requires an on-going dialogue between governments, private business and the academic community.?said Dr. Chunyuan Gu, President of the Asia, Middle East and Africa region for ABB.



      ADB Approves Key Loan Under Yangtze River Economic Belt Framework


      The Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Board of Directors approved a $150 million loan to protect a water basin of the Yangtze River of PRC.


      The loan for a complementary set of initiatives to improve flood management, clean water supplies, and ecological conservation in the Longxi River watershed is a key project under ADB’s new Yangtze River Economic Belt Framework.


      The framework will provide around $2 billion over 2018–2020 to support the twin issues of economic and environmental development in the upper and middle reaches of the river.


      In addition, the project incorporates a set of new non-structural measures so the local authorities are better prepared to simultaneously tackle the three goals.


      Among them, the project will help the municipal government to draw up a Longxi River flood and environmental risk management plan and develop a flood and environmental risk footprint and accountability mechanism.


      A river health monitoring system will provide real time feedback to municipality staff—a “river chief”—who will be responsible for tracking the well-being of the river basin. Local communities will also get help to implement solid waste management and early flood warning systems.


      SUEZ NWS?Signs the Qinzhou Hazardous Waste Energy Recovery Contract


      SUEZ NWS and Shanghai Huayi?entered into an agreement to jointly provide hazardous waste treatment and recovery solutions in Qinzhou, Guangxi province.


      The agreement provides for the creation of a joint venture between SUEZ NWS (51%) and Huayi Group (49%), which will be responsible for the construction, financing and operation for 50 years of an energy recovery unit (ERU) for the hazardous waste produced by the Qinzhou Harbor Economic and Technical Development Zone of Guangxi Province.


      With a total investment of 350 million RMB, this facility will have an annual treatment capacity of 30,000 tons. The construction of the unit will begin in 2018 and will be operational by 2021.


      The facility will provide safe and environmentally friendly disposal of hazardous waste, with a unit designed and built according to European standards in terms of air emissions.


      It will also recover 86,400 tons of steam, which will be supplied to local industrial customers, thus avoiding the consumption of an equivalent of 12,000 tons of coal per year and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.


      In China, SUEZ NWS already has 6 ERUs in Mainland China, in construction or in operation.


      Additionally, the group has tabled a robust pipeline of hazardous waste incineration facilities in Suzhou, two will be commissioned in 2018.


      ?Allianz Partners?with?Alpha?to Acquire Business Park Property in Shanghai

      安聯宣布與首峰資金管理有限公司旗下“首峰亞洲宏觀趨勢基金三期”及一名共同投資者合作,收購灣谷科技園甲級辦公樓資產新灣財智中心,資產總值約為 9,000 萬美元。

      Allianz announced that it has partnered with?Alpha Investment Partner’s Alpha Asia Macro Trends Fund III (“AAMTF?III”) and a co-investor to acquire Bay Valley C6, a Grade A office asset in?Shanghai’s Bay Valley Business Park. The gross asset value is approximately USD 90 million.


      Bay Valley C6 locates in the Bay Valley Business Park, one of the largest business parks in the Yangpu District. As one of the key business districts in Shanghai, Yangpu District has transformed into the city’s new technology and startup hub, and is home to top-tier universities, such as the new Fudan?University?campus.

      安聯將持有 41.5%的權益,而余下 58.5%的權益則由首峰亞洲宏觀趨勢基金三期及一名共同投資者持有。安聯亦是首峰亞洲宏觀趨勢基金三期的投資者之一。

      Allianz will own 41.5% of the equity and the remaining 58.5% stake will be held by AAMTF III and one of its co-investors. Allianz is also an investor in AAMTF III.


      “This transaction is aligned with our approach of investing in China’s new economy, which has successfully transformed from a manufacturing-driven economy to a more balanced service-based economy. We are also excited about the long-term prospects of Shanghai as a 24x7 gateway city,” said Rushabh Desai, CEO Asia-Pacific at Allianz Real Estate.

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