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    FTG Visits: Ingenuity to Build Dreams, Focus and Excellence


    On June 13th, 2018, Mr. Glaude, chairman of FTG Corporation, a well-known aviation component supplier in the industry visited Hermes. Glaude visited the company's product showroom, R&D center and laboratories, and conducted in-depth exchanges with related departments on the business cooperation of the simulator business.

    Glaude said that to do aviation needs emotions, but also need to focus on, Hermes's deep technical accumulation in the field of analog machines can not be separated from the team for more than ten years in the field of intensive research. It is with such a professional and pragmatic team that we can build a successful and successful C919 and ARJ21 simulator business. Glaude is very optimistic about Hermes's development in the field of simulators and is looking forward to the cooperation between Hermes.

    In addition, he also mentioned that he has been engaged in the aviation industry for more than 60 years and he has devoted his life to the aviation industry. Even at the age of gray hair, there is always awe of product development. It was precisely because of this focus that it established the market position of FTG today, and successfully entered the large aircraft market in China and set up branches in Tianjin.

    Compared with other industries, aviation manufacturing industry will emphasize more in the process of enterprise development: focus, persistence, leanness and innovation. There is no way to accumulate miles and miles, and the successful aviation manufacturers maintain their calmness when they are not in trouble. They believe in craftsmanship under pressure. As a cutting-edge aviation company, Hermes will also continue to uphold the heart of artisans, cast the soul of manufacturing.

    FTG Company Profile:

    Feilang (Tianjin) Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise established by Canada's Feilang Technology Group in China. The main scope of business includes the development, production, assembly and sales of cockpit light guide display control products, assembly components and parts for commercial aviation equipment, aircraft, aerospace simulators and land/ship vehicles, as well as related technical consulting and maintenance. service.

    The products are mainly used in the world's mainstream aviation companies such as Bombardier Inc. and Austrian Diamond Aircraft Corporation. At the same time, in the Chinese market, the C919, ARJ-21 and other models provide cockpit integrated button light guide panels.