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    概述 Introduction

    Based on strong real-time simulation computer system, our self-developed ‘RT-Cloud real-time flight simulation design and Test Platform’ integrates a variety of development, management and test tools, and is compatible with multi-type I/O equipment. With this platform, we can easily, efficiently and reliably complete the whole simulation process including model design, off-line simulation, object code generation/download, online parameters monitoring/adjusting, and integration testing.


    Our products and services include:

    1. Certified flight training equipment at all levels, including FFS (Full Flight Simulator), FTD (Flight Training Device), IPT (Integrated Program Trainer), etc;

    2. Engineering simulator and simulation testing tool for the R&D of various types of airborne equipment.

    產品特點 Product Features

    1. High-precision flight performance simulation algorithm;

    2. Well-equipped flight performance model library;

    3. Flight parameters identification method;

    4. Familiar with data of various types of aircraft;

    5. EFIS(Electronic Flight Instrument System) development technique;

    6. Flexible cockpit design and high simulation hardware development technique ;

    7. Visual simulation engine based on physical material rendering, ray tracing and data hierarchical algorithm.