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    Integrated Display Control Unit (DU)

    Main functions

    Primary Flight Display Unit (PFD)

    1) Attitude Director Indicator (ADI)

    2) Barometric Altitude Indicator (ALT)

    3) Air Speed Indicator (ASP)

    4) Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)

    5) Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)

    6) Course Deviation Indicator (CDI)

    7) Heading & Glide Slope Indicator (LOV&GS)

    8) Synthetic Vision System (SVS)

    9) 3D Terrain Awareness Warning System (3D-TAWS)

    Multi-function display unit (MFD)

    1) Electronic checklist

    2) Engine parameter display

    3) Flight plan management

    4) Flight map (departure/approach, airspace, aeronautical chart, etc.)

    5) Unit alarm

    6) One-key toggle display (Six-Pack)

    Tuning control panel (TCP)

    1) Display of current frequency and status

    2) Radio frequency tuning

    3) Standby frequency activation

    4) Mode control