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    概述 Introduction

    Our self-developed ‘SMART Integrated Avionics System Development Platform’ is especially designed for small and medium-sized aircraft. With the design concept of high degree of integration, multiple redundancy, full graphic human-machine interaction, SMART Integrated Avionics System has the characteristics of high cost effective, high safety performance and simple operation.


    The system can be used for trainer aircraft,small and medium-sized transport aircraft, helicopter and light sport aircraft(‘LSA’). In line with different user requirements, we provide overall avionics solution as well as sub-system applications like avionics synthetic vision, 3D-TAWS, aviation navigation database, etc.

    產品特點 Product Features

    1. Display and core processor integrated in one board, reducing weight and wiring difficulty of the aircraft and improving signal quality;

    2. Dual redundancy backup of key module, preventing risk of single screen/processing plate failure;

    3. Aviation database and self-developed data processing software in accordance with ARINC 424 standards;

    4. Real-time 3D vision synthesis technology;

    5. Data fusion and perception algorithm of different airborne sensors;

    6. Anti-collision and active obstacle avoidance algorithm;

    7. Intelligent contingency screening and ranking method;

    8. Automatic frequency tuning software;

    9. Graphical human-machine interaction.

    應用領域 Application

    1. Avionics solutions for new and old trainer aircraft (TA) ;

    2. Avionics solutions for new and old transport aircraft in small and medium size;

    3. Avionics solutions for new and old helicopter.