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    DO-228 Transport Aircraft Avionics Modification


     Project Overview: 

    This project provides avionics system modification solution for DO-228. This project adopts Hermes General-210 integrated avionics system and integrates several main functional modules, which effectively reduces the number of aircraft instrument panels and improves flight safety and reliability, comprehensively improve aircraft operational capabilities.

    Project Characteristics:

    1. Based on the touch screen, redesign the UI exchange logic to meet the modern human needs for software operation;

    2. Westernized POP design meets EASA and FAA regulations;

    3. Compatible with ARINC 424 navigation database, meeting the requirements of updating every 28 days;

    4. Provide graphical electronic flight bag to quickly complete mission planning and route binding;

    5. Provide performance loading calculation tools instead of manual calculations to reduce crew members and improve safety;

    6. Built-in electronic checklist of “Normal, Abnormal, Emergency” mode to simplify pilot operation and improve flight safety;

    7. The system has high integration degree, small module size and light weight, and the modification project is difficult;

    8. Support EASA 23 forensics.




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